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How the QuitCoach helps you

The QuitCoach helps you to prepare to quit

Quitting can be hard work, but you can make it easier by being prepared.

When you are prepared you

  • understand your addiction
  • know what to expect when you quit
  • have strategies to help you resist urges to smoke
  • know what tools are available to help you.

The QuitCoach provides advice on each of these, so you will be as prepared for a quit attempt as you can be.

The QuitCoach changes with you

Quitting is a process, not a single event. There are different stages of quitting and becoming a non-smoker.

The four main challenges in quitting smoking are

  1. Making the decision to quit.
  2. Setting a date and actually stopping.
    And, after you quit:
  3. Dealing with urges to smoke and nicotine withdrawal.
  4. Dealing with situations where you used to smoke and starting to think and feel like a non-smoker.

The QuitCoach asks questions to find out what you are doing and thinking, and gives you the most relevant advice on things you need to do to quit and stay quit.

As you change, the QuitCoach changes your advice. This will help you move forward, or recover from difficulties and setbacks.

The QuitCoach helps you stay stopped forever

Most other quitting programs focus on resisting temptations to smoke. This is only part of the challenge.

Many people go back to smoking even after they appear to have beaten the temptations to smoke. It is important to also learn how to enjoy being a non-smoker, so that you see no reason ever to start smoking again.

The QuitCoach helps you with this task in two ways.

1. Finding new ways to live

Smoking has become closely linked with many parts of your life.

You need to learn how to live these parts of your life without smoking. Sometimes this may involve finding replacements for smoking. At other times you will discover that smoking actually didn't help and you are better off without it.

2. Discovering how much better off you are

The QuitCoach can help you discover that life can be better after you quit. For example, smoking does not really help you with problems such as stress. Smoking can actually cause the stress, or at least make it worse

Quitting smoking is the best gift you can ever give yourself.

  • You will be fitter and able to do more.
  • Many of the things you think you get from smoking you will realise are illusions

Give it a go.

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