Evidence that the QuitCoach works

The QuitCoach has been tested in a scientific trial. The results showed that smokers allocated to the QuitCoach were both more likely to quit and were more likely to stay quit than those who just got some printed resources. Chances of success were approximately doubled.

The study also showed that people were most successful in quitting if they used the QuitCoach five or six times. Returning to the site as you progress through your quit attempt, and receiving new advice as things change, is the best way of using the program.

NB: This study was conducted before the QuitCoach was available on the web. Participants answered the questions over the phone and were mailed their advice. Because the advice is now available immediately (online), it should be even more useful.

The scientific evaluation of the QuitCoach has been published in the scientific journal Addiction: Borland R, Balmford J & Hunt D. The effectiveness of personally tailored computer generated advice letters for smoking cessation. Addiction, 2004; 99(3): 369-377

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